Santorini photo tours

Santorini private tours

Walking photography tour in Oia Santorini for up to 2 hours——————200 Euros

Santonin Photography tours and Wedding Photo shoot at the best locations of Santorini with the low cost of 300 euros for up to 3 hours with professional pre wedding photographer.

Santorini Photo Tour Philosophy

The service with “Santorini-private-tours”  Private Photo Tours is underwritten by the attitude that every  client is cherished and every service must be delivered by a highly-skilled professional... This is the ultimate way to see Santorini and a truly all-in-one experience.

Our success is built on the principles of academy training, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic that embraces the concept of having fun and making friends along the way.

Landscape and cultural photography by professional photographers!

Book your photo tour in Santorini and make your special day unforgettable. Santorini known for its breathtaking sunsets, picturesque caldera cliff, romantic atmosphere, deep blue waters, white washed houses and unique natural beauty are just a few reasons of why couples worldwide are choosing Santorini as their ideal destination wedding place. A Santorini photo tour has become very popular throughout the past years and a fantastic idea. I will make your photo tour day stress free and fan, with perfect and unforgettable pictures of our beautiful Island of Santorini.

I will listen to your thoughts about our photo tour of the day and help you chose the best posers for pictures on your dream locations of Santorini. We specialize on 3 hours Photo Tour on the most fantastic locations of Santorini with a cost of 300 Euros including the car and the driver to drive us around the most famous Island Greece. ( Fira, Oia, Imerovigli and Kamari beach if we have time )
All of our vehicles are fully Air condition and sparkly clean, With English speaking drivers and photographers so you can be very comfortable during your tours in Santorini

The best time to start is at 10:00AM. We will come to meet you at your hotel or any where in Santorini and start from there.

Santorini wedding Photo Tour

Photography wedding reviews “I have attended two of Nikos Sirigos well-planned photography workshops and I’m addicted. Nikos’s approach to photography is sensitive, fun and creative.  Whether taking photos of strangers for his Santorini Street Photo Workshop or capturing the unpredictable landscape of the Santorini Caldera, Nikos shares techniques that have been successful for him and we, as students, are able to benefit from his expertise. One of many valuable lessons I took away from his workshops is the ability to be in the moment but also anticipate the next great moment. I look forward to taking other workshops with him because as I said, I’m addicted. Thank you Nikos for a fun and enriching experience!”   2011 Santorini Street Photography Workshop & 2013 Oia Village Workshop

We will take about 350 photos and I will give you all of them on a DVD full size so you can print them after you go back home if you like!

Prices for your private Photo tour in Santorini:

  • Walking photography in Oia Santorini for up to 2 hours——————200 Euros
  •  Photo tour of 3 hours including the car and the driver ——————- 300 Euros
  •  Hair dresser coming to your hotel——————————————– 120 Euros
  • Make up artist, coming to your hotel —————————————— 95 Euros
  • Wedding dress available with a cost of————————————– 150 Euros per day
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